Foam Flurry

Nerf Combat Creatures Terradrone CONCEPT Review

Hey Nerf Nation! It’s FoamFlurry and I’m going to be reviewing the concept of the Combat Creatures Nerf line.

It’s pretty awesome whenever Nerf comes out with the newest guns and different designs, which keeps us buying more and more of their products. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen much of this in their new blasters recently (Cam ECS, Demolisher- it’s just a re-shelled stryfe, with slightly more features), but I’m glad they have pushed out a new line for us to look forward to. Yes, this is the Combat Creatures line.

This line adds new quite literal Combat Creatures, or should I say dart shooting drones; because that’s what it is. I’ll drop a picture of the first drone below, it’s a fairly aesthetic little bot that will accompany you in battle if you choose to buy it at the cost of $79.99 USD.Terradrone.jpg

I must say.. that’s expensive. The same price as the Cam-ECS and only a margin cheaper than...

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